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Learn How to Become a World-Class CEO

Founder Coach® is a coaching and training program designed to transform founders into high-impact CEOs.


"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training."



Our clients are backed by iconic venture capital investors.

Being a CEO is undeniably the toughest job in business. It's a lonely journey of trial and error with few people who can really help you.
At Founder Coach®, we provide the world’s leading venture-backed founders with the skills, tools and mindset to scale themselves and their companies with confidence.
You don’t have to do this by yourself.
Our Approach

The Pro CEO System

Founder Coach® is built on a proven training system that helps you become a Pro CEO™ in a fraction of the time.

Set the direction: Clarify your vision, and align your board and team around a strategic narrative.

Drive performance: Coach your leaders, drive accountability and create a high-performing culture.

Master execution: Leverage your strengths, feel energised at work, and lean into a winning mindset.


Apply to join  Founder Coach®️

Founder Coach® selects a limited number of CEOs every year. To ensure high quality, we meet all CEOs to make sure we're a fit.

Our next intake is June 2024. Applying takes less than 20 seconds and a member of our team will reach out within 24 hours.

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Image of Dave Bailey, CEO of Founder Coach and CEO Coach.

“Our unique blend of coaching and training gives CEOs an edge.”


After founding and scaling three venture-backed businesses, Dave wanted to provide CEOs with the support he lacked running his companies.

Dave founded Founder Coach® with the mission to help elite CEOs take their performance to the next level.

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