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Learn how to lead at scale

Our signature program equips venture-backed CEOs with the skills and tools to get out of the day-to-day and elevate their leadership.

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It's about time.

As your business scales, leadership challenges get larger while the number of people that can relate to those challenges gets smaller. Scale is excruciatingly difficult and painfully lonely.

At Founder Coach®, you aren’t alone. You will learn and grow alongside other ambitious tech CEOs with funding from the world’s most iconic investors. This is founder coaching as it should be.

Coaching and CEO mentorship, hand-in-hand

We integrate training, coaching and masterminds to balance proactive development with practical, hands-on support.

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Learn practical skills that help you lead your team, company and self.

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Uncover deep professional insights and uncover your right next step.

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Elevate your thinking with our proprietary models and processes.

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Access a supportive network of high-growth CEOs and coaches.

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Focus on issues that matter

We’ve mapped the most common founder challenges by stage to help you address them proactively. Examples of our workshops include:


Energise your work

Discover your unique founder edge and reignite excitement in your venture


Master your role

Fine-tune your CEO agenda, bolstering confidence in every decision


Optimise your time

Strategically craft your week, ensuring priority tasks get your attention


Sharpen your mindset

Embrace our winning mindsets and feel stronger in tough situations


Design relationships

Refresh key relationships, ensuring every relationship is consciously nurtured


Drive Accountability

Examine team performance with a committed approach to excellence


Shape your culture

Carve out a distinctive company identity, orchestrating collective behavioural shifts


Coach for results

Learn our coaching playbook, charging up your team's potential


Set your strategy

Craft a competitive strategy so your team knows where to play and how to win


Lead your board

Transform your board meetings to get more value from all board members


Raise the money

Elevate your efforts to attract the right investment and big money deals


Tell engaging stories

Design captivating narratives that ensure your ideas resonate with all

Our bank of workshops grows every month.
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How does it work?

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Application process

  • Fill out our application form to start the process

  • If selected, we'll invite you for a discovery call to define your coaching focus area

Planning call

  • If we see a potential fit, you'll be invited for a planning session

  • During this session, we'll identify your top 3 opportunities and the primary obstacle in your way

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Taster sprint

  • Try Founder Coach for a month and work towards your first development milestones

  • This gives us both a way to test each other for fit

Love it or leave it

  • If our program resonates with you, you can continue for the rest of the Founder Coach Academy

  • If, for any reason, you decide it's not for you, we'll part as friends

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Join the program

  • Take part in monthly trainings, masterminds, and planning sessions to ensure you're optimising your growth and maintaining focus on the most crucial objectives


Built for growth CEOs

CEOs are carefully curated based on their coaching focus and company stage using the following criteria:

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Approx. 10–25 FTEs, raised a seed round over $1.5M from a top-tier VC.

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Approx. 20–80 FTEs, raised a Series A round of ~$5-15M.

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Approx. 70–250 FTEs, raised a Series B–D round of around ~$12-40M.

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