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Founder Coach® combines experienced CEO coaches, cutting-edge content and an elite community to help CEOs thrive.

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Together, we scale.

As your business scales, leadership challenges get larger while the number of people that can relate to those challenges gets smaller. Scale is excruciatingly difficult and painfully lonely.

Founder Coach carefully curates groups of CEOs and matches them with experienced founder coaches to face their challenges and opportunities, together. Our goal is two-fold:

  1. To raise your awareness and responsibility for your leadership
  2. To help you raise the awareness and responsibility of others

To achieve this, we combine coaching, training and mentorship to provide exceptional, long-term support from Series A to exit.

Coaching and CEO mentorship, hand-in-hand

We integrate coaching, workshops and high-quality peer groups to balance proactive development with practical, hands-on support.

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Go deep on current issues with an experienced founder coach.

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Peer Groups

Share best practices and leverage the trials and tribulations of others.

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Learn practical skills and uncover insights that level up your leadership.

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Access a supportive network of high-growth CEOs and coaches.

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Work with coaches who have been there

Experience and track record matter. Our coaches are former tech founders and/or have coached 100+ CEOs.

Dave Bailey

Dave is CEO of Founder Coach and a CEO coach based in London. Previously, Dave was co-founder at Delivery Hero and spent two years in VC.

Asher Ismail

Asher is based in London. Previously, Asher co-founded Uncapped, Europe’s largest e-commerce funding provider.

Ben Jones

Ben is a CEO coach based in Berlin and Lisbon. Previously, Ben was CEO of Nuri, the blockchain banking service.

Yifhat Arnstein

Yif is a CEO coach based in San Francisco. Yif brings deep experience in coaching founders for over 20 years.

Jeff Levere

Jeff is a CEO coach based in Miami. Previously, Jeff worked in private equity and received his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Focus on issues that matter

We’ve mapped the most common founder challenges by stage to help you address them proactively. Examples of our workshops include:


Growth mindset

Uncover limiting beliefs and insecurities that hold you back from your full potential as a leader.


Owning your role

Reimagine your role by understanding focusing on the activities that give you endless energy.


Honing your style

Articulate your leadership story and apply your values to your toughest leadership challenges.


Personal brand

Define your thought leadership topic and articulate the key messages you want to drive home.


Power delegation

Understand what you should and shouldn't delegate, and how to delegate work effectively.



Identify accountability gaps and build awareness around how you might be contributing to issues.


Hard Feedback

Provide constructive feedback in difficult situations, and encourage more feedback from your team.


Coaching leaders

Practice performance coaching techniques that allow you to help your team without solving their problems.


Customer needs 

Form a compelling need narrative that resonates with your customers—and others.


Inspiring visions

Communicate an inspiring vision narrative that builds urgency around your business and industry.


Competitive strategy

Design a defensible strategic narrative that explains how you create value and how you'll sustain it.


Engaging storytelling

Deliver insightful stories that capture the essence of your business and captivate your audience.

Our bank of workshops grows every month.
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How do coaching cycles work?

To ensure your coaching group adds value, we adjust your peers every six months as your stage and focus evolve.

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Application process

  • Fill out our application form to start the process

  • If selected, we'll invite you for a discovery call to define your coaching focus area

Group curation

  • If there’s a fit, we handpick a group of 8 peer CEOs to match your stage and focus.

  • We carefully select an experienced founder coach with relevant expertise.

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Timeline graphic.

Foundations Day (in-person)

  • Build context and connection with your coach and coaching group in person in London, UK.

  • Receive training from Dave Bailey on how to be a good coach to your peer group—and leadership team.

  • Clarify your personal goals for the following six months.

Structured coaching (online)

  • We design a bespoke coaching program based on your specific group's focus and stage.

  • You work through critical topics over monthly online coaching sessions.

  • Add on 1:1 sessions for deep dives on emerging issues.

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Timeline graphic.

ROI Check-in

  • Review your goals, focus and group for the next cycle.

  • Stay with your current group and coach, or move to a new group that better aligns with your evolving needs.


Built for growth CEOs

CEO peer groups are carefully curated based on their coaching focus and company stage using the following criteria:

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Approx. 10–25 FTEs, raised a seed round over $1.5M from a top-tier VC.

Icon of CEO coaching program, growth group.


Approx. 20–80 FTEs, raised a Series A round of ~$5-15M.

Icon of CEO coaching program, growth group.


Approx. 70–250 FTEs, raised a Series B–D round of around ~$12-40M.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Apply to join our Spring 2023 intake

Given we’re receiving a large number of applications, we recommend applying early. Application deadline is April 12, 2023.

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